Hong Bang

Monday, 17 Jan 2022

OV Application Process

To apply, we ask that interested individuals submit a letter of intent, a bio-data sheet, and a list of references (more details are below).  Hong Bang will arrange interviews with the candidate once these materials are received.

Through this application process, Hong Bang works with the candidate to see if volunteer service overseas is a good fit, to identify the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses to find a good service placement in Vietnam, and to help orient the candidate to our mission.

Once accepted, volunteers should have a valid passport (or re-entry permit for permanent residents of the U.S.) and make arrangements for immunization shots.

For more information about our volunteer program, please contact: OVs@hongbang.org


We ask those interested in becoming an OV to articulate this intention in the form of a letter. In this letter, you may want to state why you want to volunteer, what your availability will be in terms of time, and what you expect of the experience. It would be useful to state your motivations for working overseas. This letter is a wonderful opportunity for candidates to reflect upon their interests and motivations and provides us with information that is useful in the orientation process that may follow later. The letter need not be long but long enough to convey the information requested.


We ask that you provide a 'biodata' sheet -- a "resume-plus." In addition to information usually found in a resume, the biodata sheet should also include details about your interests, strengths, weaknesses, experience in Vietnam, exposure to Vietnamese culture, your family situation, languages you speak, and any other information that would help us understand you better and that would also help us find a suitable placement for you in Vietnam. We work closely with our partners in Vietnam to place you in an assignment that will be a positive experience for you and allow you to make meaningful contributions to the community in which you will live.


Please give us names of at least two references not related to you -- who know you well and would be willing to write/speak on your behalf.


The applicant is usually interviewed by three people, in addition to any person who may have referred you to Hong Bang. At least one of the interviews will be in person, while the others may be by telephone. We will arrange the interviews after receiving your intention letter, biodata sheet, and references.