Hong Bang

Monday, 17 Jan 2022

Ashley OVAshley, 2013

Ashley hopes to share her experience in client counseling, case planning, and program management during her OV service.  view more

Domitille OVDomitille, 2013

Domitille is from Paris, France and attended college in Montreal, Canada.  view more

Dung OVDung, 2010-2011

Volunteering for a non-profit overseas had always been on my to do list after college graduation.  view more

Helen OVHelen, 2010-2011

Meeting with the poor in the rural village is what I think, everyone should be able to experience.  view more

nhat_le_smallNhat and Le, 2010

If you want others to be happy practice compassion, and if you want yourself happy practice compassion. view more

huyHuy, 2009

It was an amazing experience, and if you ask me, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. view more

Tram AnhTram Anh, 2008

I have met so many unique and wonderful people and they had left many footprints in my life.  view more

cuongCuong, 2007-2008

Even though I have never been a teacher before, and despite it being extremely nerve-wracking standing in front of a class, I have given my all and I’ve pulled it through. I had no regret in doing what I did because I believed that the people I helped saw that in me.  view more

hamyHa My, 2006

Through Hong Bang I hope to realize my potential to make a difference in the lives of the Vietnamese people, even if it is only slight.  view more