Hong Bang

Monday, 22 Apr 2019


huy_bigHuy, Summer 2009

Vietnam has changed in many ways from what I remembered. However, there was something that remains unaltered, that is the way people act toward one another. Summer of 2009 would be something that I will never forget. It was an amazing experience, and if you ask me, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. 
I had one of the best times of my life during those thirty four days in Vietnam and I am so grateful to be given the opportunity to experience it. One of my goals before coming back was to devote my time to community services, give something back to the Vietnamese community and help the peoples to realize their true potential and integrity. Furthermore, I also wanted to develop a mutual relationship between me and the people that I worked with so that I would be able to learn something from them as well. Despite the short stay, I believe that I had achieved both of my goal and expectation, at least to my own standard. I had helped my students to step out of their comfort zone, be confident in their ability to speak and communicate in English and realize their true learning capacity. In doing that, I had to put myself in the position of a teacher, a leader, a facilitator and a friend. I had to learn how to convey my message clearly and appropriately so that the students could get the most out of my lessons. In order to do so, I had to really get to know my students, their culture, learning styles, as well as their needs and interests. It was truly a two-ways learning process, with the teacher ultimately became the student and the students became the teachers. And out of this friendly, respectful and motivating environment, everybody benefited and learned something from one another. 
When I heard that I was accepted as an Oversea Volunteer for Hong Bang, I was happy but immediately started to worry. “So I will go back alone and live by myself for a month? I don’t know how to cook! I wonder who I will live and work with? Am I capable of teaching anybody? Oh man! Mom said that it is not safe. These thought ran through my mind, but quickly vanished as my excitement overcame my nervousness. I was sure that the trip would be a wonderful experience from which I would be able to learn many lessons.