Hong Bang

Monday, 17 Jan 2022
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"I still remember biking to school every morning to teach a small group of second graders. I was happy to see them as they were always excited to see me. There I taught math and reading skills to these little angels. I had some difficulties at first, as it was hard to manage a class full of lively and active kids, but somehow I did it, and it was amazing to see that all of them understood what I was teaching and got better everyday."


Hong Bang is a non-profit organization whose mission is to support poor rural communities in the areas of education, health, agriculture, and social services. We assist these communities by sending volunteers who share their skills and by providing financial assistance for development projects.  In carrying out our mission, Hong Bang strives for mutual sharing of experience and the promotion of self-help.  In concrete terms, these goals mean that our volunteers live in the communities where they work, so they can better understand the perspective of those they serve. Our goals also influence the design of our projects:  we incorporate an active role for the people, so that they can retain their dignity as they move toward greater self-sufficiency.

Brief History

Hong Bang was founded in 1990 by individuals who had volunteered in Vietnamese refugee camps in the Philippines. These individuals formed Hong Bang to help other young people share their skills and resources with others and in the process, gain life-changing experiences.  Hong Bang has sent over 100 volunteers to work in the Philippines and in Vietnam and has provided material assistance to the poor in these communities.  Since our founding, our membership has expanded to include later volunteers, their friends and families, and others committed to our mission. All of our members volunteer their services and do not receive any financial or material compensation for their efforts.